My name is

Sadiq Samani

and I’m a
robot superhero dinosaur dragon unicorn cupcake

Stand Up

You’re probably pronouncing my name wrong. It’s okay, people have been messing up my name ever since my family moved from Pakistan to America. Then again, if your name is Brad, and you moved to Pakistan, people would pronounce Brad, Bread. Then they would dip you in curry and eat you.

Enjoy the site. I have shows listed. Come to one. I post articles, I’ve been on the front page of HuffPo, and I predicted that Trump would win. I also post videos (I’ve been on the front page of Pornhub with Stormy Daniels).

Learn more about me and why I do stand up or contact me for booking inquiries (or if you just wanna say hello). Now stop reading this to yourself. You sound crazy.


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I like you. So I curated some content just for you.
Don’t tell anyone I hooked you up or that I used the word content.


9 out of 10 climate scientists agree that stalking me on social media is a form of green energy source.
I asked them how that could be cause it makes no sense! They went on about e=mc square or something.
Really though, if you like my stuff, gimme a follow please.


Here’s the rest of all the work I’ve created in the past, articles & videos.

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