How To Get A Democrat Into The White House

July 26, 2016 |
By Sadiq Samani

Show Your Friends:

I’m not going to continue talking about policy differences and why Hillary is no progressive. I’ve already tried that. Her supporters don’t care.

Many Hillary supporters I know are very intelligent. Really! I’m not just saying that because I’m padding the blow from the punch of data I’m about to throw. Many of my friends are Hillary supporters. Good people. They work as lawyers, writers, doctors, oh my. They aren’t racist, misogynist, or homophobic. They are good people, but they’ve made a bad choice. Since today is roll call, I’ll throw one last thing out there.

Who Do Americans Want To Be President?

Not the Democratic party, but AMERICANS. The graph above shows an aggregate of each candidates net favorability rating. It’s the sum of the favorability and unfavorability of each candidate based on several polls of Americans. Does anything stand out?

  • Bernie Sanders (HuffPo, Real Clear Politics)
    • Favorability: 52.8%
    • Unfavorability: 38.6%
    • Net Favorability: 52.8% – 38.6% = +14.2
  • Hillary Clinton (HuffPo, Real Clear Politics)
    • Favorability: 39.6%
    • Unfavorability: 55.3%
    • Net Favorability: 39.6% – 55.3% = -15.7
  • Donald Trump (HuffPo, Real Clear Politics)
    • Favorability: 36%
    • Unfavorability: 59.2%
    • Net Favorability: 36% – 59.2% = -23.2

* check the sources since these numbers change every time a new poll is out.

Hillary supporters: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let Donald Trump become President. Hillary has never gone up in the polls. She doesn’t gain votes. EVER. Not in her Senate races. Not in her last Presidential race. Her opponent on the other hand always goes up in the polls. Right now she’s -15.7% in likability and Trump is -23.2%, only a difference of 7.5 points. That’s not even counting places where this matters, like the rust belt. Where polling shows those two as being tied. Bernie Sanders, however, is +14.2 in net favorability. He is 29.9 points ahead of Clinton and and a whopping 37.4 points ahead of Trump. That’s almost 5 times more than Hillary’s lead over Trump.

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When you look at the numbers who do you think Americans want as our next President? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let Donald Trump become President because you’re too arrogant or prideful about your vote for Hillary. Don’t cut your nose to spite your face.

Bernie Sanders for President

I’m in the majority that favors Bernie. Just like I’m in the majority that supports single payer healthcare. I’m in the majority that supports $15 wage. I’m in the majority that believes in implementing the policies put forth by Bernie.

I know none of this will be persuasive. It’s as if many who voted for Clinton have formed a shield around her. However, if you’re a supporter that does break the chain and change your vote, I promise I will not shit on you or tell you I told you so. That’s too petty, and this election too important.

I think that when there is a guy who uses xenophobic, sexist, racist language in the race, a lying oligarchical warhawk seems like a reasonable choice. Yet people are still flocking to the former. We should be very worried.

So What Can You Do?

  • Start posting onto social networks that you’re switching with the hashtag #ImWithHim and get your berdman card.
  • Call your state’s superdelegates and tell them that you rescind your primary vote and are officially switching to Bernie. That you recommend they vote for him. Otherwise the superdelegate’s position will be in jeopardy, along with the stability of the DNC.

I know that superdelegates have never voted against the candidate with the most delegates. BUT, maybe, in 1984 when our founding fathers created superdelegates with instructions sent down from god, they envisioned a situation in which the candidate was a criminal. A candidate who is not doing well against Monster Trump. Hence they set it up for the public to #StopHillary so we can elect a “real” Democrat?

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Not Gonna Happen

I’m not ignorant. This happening would be like completing a hail marry on a turf that was 666 times the length of a football field.

I don’t want Trump though. So if/when Hillary gets the nomination I hope she steals the general like she stole the primary. Otherwise, we’re…

Are we fucked? What do you think? Show your thoughts in the comments, and show your love by sharing these ramblings.

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