Trump Will Be President Again And It Will Be The Fault Of The Democratic Party, The American People, And The World

November 3, 2018 |
By Sadiq Samani

Show Your Friends:

> He’s never going to run for President.
> He’ll never win the Republican Primary.
> There’s no way Christians would vote for TRUMP! He’s a womanizer who has been married 3 times!
> Hahaha, this idiot made it through the GOP primary. Those people are stoopid!
> He’ll never win the Presidency. He’s such a moron.
> He’ll never beat Hillary Clinton.
> He’ll NEVER WIN!

dot. dot. dot.

> What?

dot. dot. dot.

> He’s President?

dot. dot. dot.
cry. cry. cry.
wah. wah. wah.

> He’ll never be President again!

~ The American Nightmare

I predicted Trump would beat Hillary Clinton. No, really. Feb 1st, 2016. It was the first election of the Republican and Democratic primaries in Iowa and my article, ”Hillary Clinton Is Not Electable”, made it to the front page of the Huffington Post. I told staunch Hillary supporters in 2016 that if she was the Democratic nominee she would lose to Trump! Meanwhile, Obama gave a speech saying that Trump would never become President because Obama had “a lot of faith in the American people”. Hahahahaha! Was Obama not around during the 8 years of his own presidency? Did he not hear Tea Partiers, fueled by the Republican Party, demand his birth certificate? Did Obama not hear them call him a Socialist or Communist or see the protest signs of himself with a Hitler mustache? Though I think Obama is the only person that can make the Hitler mustache look hip.

The Republicans and the Tea Party hated Obama! They called him every vile word except for nigger, but you know they wanted to! You could see them on the news mouthing it with their lips, “Obama is a Nnnnn…..Socialist!” That wasn’t just an insult to black people, it was an insult to all minorities, including myself. It’s one thing to attack a President for actual policy, but this was pure racist hate. I knew Trump would beat Hillary Clinton because I don’t have faith in the American people! We’re getting played again. UGH! I’m SO MAD, but I can’t tell many Americans that to their face cause they’re too sensitive. UGH! Don’t you dare get hurt feelings and leave this page. We need to talk.

(Relax. I’m not one of those people that will bash Americans and not offer an alternative solution. I can do both. Reeeeadddddy?)

I’ve been all over the US and I figured out what the real problem with America is. You want to know? The real problem with America is: Americans. Well, it’s not the French! If the French were running America it’d still be a country full of assholes, but with affordable healthcare. You’ve heard it over and over: VOTE. It’s not just enough to vote. You should know why and who you are voting for. It’s about voting 2 times a year, not just 1: primaries and general. Most Americans I know have taken history and civics in school, but lack knowing this simple information. We need to get woke.

Americans. Are. The. Problem. With. America. When Americans say, “Oh Trump will never be President again!” or “He’ll get impeached!” or “Mueller!” I don’t believe them. I don’t believe you. You’re wrong. You’re consistently wrong. He’s winning because you keep underestimating him.

“It’s always good to be underestimated.”

~ Donald Trump

“My whole life is about winning. I don’t lose often. I almost never lose.”

~ Donald Trump

Here’s how I calculate if Trump has a likelihood of winning again: for the last year I’ve been asking people the question, “When are mid-term elections in 2018? When do we vote?” The typical answer is, “Ummmmmmm Vote? Wat is dat?!” If the person is a little more informed they’ll say, “It’s November or something right? I’ll probably get something in the mail.” What I hear is, “I’ll probably get something in the mail from these corrupt organizations that don’t want me to participate in the electoral process so they can protect their interests” These Americans are friends and acquaintances I know all over the country, including New Yorkers and other “coastal types”. Sweet people, college educated, and mean well, but are political idiots. No wonder they have massive amounts of debt, 2 jobs, and haven’t been to the doctor in years.

Why is an immigrant telling you all of this? Haven’t I taken enough American jobs? I have to teach you how to be free too? Fine. I’ll teach you how to get the government working for the people again, but only cause you’re cute.

Remember 9/11

Remember when people thought George W. Bush would never become President a 2nd time? Remember he was given intel about an al-Qaida terrorist attack in August of 2001, while he was on vacay in Texas? Right before September 11th? Remember the war in Afghanistan that we’re still in? What about the Iraq war and that yellow cake we supposedly found? Katrina? Abu Ghraib? Guantanamo Bay? Black Water? $1.5 Trillion tax break for the rich? Financial collapse? Auto industry collapse? Housing crash?

Now, because of the craziness of Trump we treat George Dubya like a hero. We went from George Washington to George W. Bush. It’s like the American people enjoy forgetting. Not only did this dude wreck the Middle East, but he didn’t even catch Bin Laden. Obama did!

I remember all of it. I remember the destruction of American civil liberties and influx of wasteful spending after 9/11. Not just by Republicans, but also by the Democrats, but mostly Republicans. I remember spending a night in jail for being brown. I remember almost getting deported. I remember world governments caving in to US policy (Cheerio England!). I don’t have faith in the American people. As the great George W. Bush once said, “Fool me once shame on you. You fool me, you can’t get fooled again. Heheheh.”



In 10 years, will a morally and economically bankrupt society tweet, “Trump wasn’t that bad. This new Republican guy is murdering at will. All Trump did was harass some immigrant children and colluded with Russia.” OR would Trump get a 3rd Presidency? What does the Republican Party have to do to get the American people up in arms? Molest children?

They Won’t Impeach Him

You may think he’s an idiot, but Donald Trump is a genius because he was able to become the President of the United States of America. He destroyed candidates in both parties and made the Republican Party his bitch. You can blame outside interference all you want, but he persuaded 63 million people to vote for him. Albert Einstein was a genius at creating scientific advancements and Trump is a genius at manipulation of people and the media. This is his moment. This is his championship game. He’s aiming to be the Jordan (basketball player, not country) of doing blatantly corrupt crimes and convincing a portion of the American population that the accusations against him are a lie.

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Every time he wins he gets stronger. From the $1.5 trillion bank robbery they call a tax cut, to confirming lying judges. Americans love winners and underdogs. He’s both. The more he wins, the more his base gets stronger and the more they feel enabled. He’s a genius. He could shoot someone down 5th Avenue and his supporters would call it fake news. The rest of us would end up being questioned by the FBI if someone heard us talking about shooting people. Trump and his party’s lies now have the same weight as the world’s truth, at least as long as we allow it. The real idiots are non-Trump supporters that fall for his psychological warfare and are waiting for his supporters to become rational. He wants you to fume and post on the internet instead of actually doing anything. He wants you to shut it all off. He wants you to be politically correct and sensitive so that no one can have opinions anymore. Not even the people on the same side as you. You can call him crazy, but he has changed the game and owned the American political landscape since he started running 3 years ago. To his supporters, he’s a God. The rest of us are still playing the old game.

I say his supporters because Trump and the Republican Party have made it quite clear, either you’re with Trump or you’re a “libtard”. No matter if you’re progressive, moderate, socialist, conservative, European, Canadian, or even a Republican that thinks Trump is being a meanie. If you are against Trump YOU ARE THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND GOD. Politics is WAR, and the line has been drawn in the sand at one of Trump’s beachfront hotels. It’s Trump, 35% of Americans that blindly follow him, and the Republican Party vs. Democracy in America and the rest of the world.

This didn’t start with Trump. This has been the construct of GOP political strategy for several decades (Nixon, Reagan, Bush x 2), mixed with the Democrats inability to have balls to fight back and bribery from corporations. It’s the rise of income inequality all over the world that’s pushing humans into the darkness of fascism. Do you really think the Republican run House of Representatives is going to impeach Trump? They do whatever he says. If the Democrats win the House and bring impeachment proceedings against Trump, do you think 2/3 of the Senate would convict him? Nah.

No President has ever been impeached AND convicted. Zero. Only 2 Presidents have been impeached: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both of them were acquitted. Nixon, who people HATED, was re-elected during the height of the Vietnam war. When he learned of impeachment, he resigned. He never faced jail time. This isn’t new, it’s just significantly worse. The speed of this cycle of Republican corruption has gone full throttle. If all the noise is making you turn everything off, the Trump strategy and doctrine are working.

I Didn’t Vote For Obama Or Hillary

28% of Americans are Republican
30% of Americans are Democrats
39% of Americans are Independents

What experience do I have to tell you how to play politics? I’m Sadiq Samani. Born in Pakistan. My family moved to Chicago when I was a kid #immigrant. Before you call Immigration Services, I’m an American Citizen #patriot. I grew up lower middle class in inner-city Chicago, but I don’t have any teardrop tattoos. We went through metal detectors when entering school, and our classes weren’t inside an airport. I dropped out of college (genius!). I know how to dance. Like really well. I can dress business or casual or business casual. I’ve travelled to 50+ cities around the world including most of the US. I love talking to people about their views and you can probably tell me anything as long as you’re not trying to hurt someone. I pay attention to polls, historical context, and what individual people are saying all over the world before making opinions. It’s called being rational.

What experience do I have to tell you how to play politics? I grew up Democrat because all the brown people I knew were for the blue team. During the W Bush years my Libertarian friend said that Democrats are corrupt too and as bad as the Republicans. The Democrats were for the Iraq war and the Patriot ACT. It opened my eyes. Yes, he’s right, many Democrats are corporate warhawks and that needs to be fixed, but the Republicans want total fascist control of the United States, and that is no bueno.

What experience do I have to tell you how to play politics? After 22 years of living in America I received my citizenship and voted in 2012. I knew Obama was going to win Illinois. I protested by writing myself in, but if I was in Florida, where it mattered, I would’ve voted for Obama. I’m very involved in politics. I’ve phone banked, canvassed, and collected voter registrations. I volunteered for Bernie’s campaign at the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philly. I even read the Art of the Deal and no matter who “wrote” the book, Donald Trump hasn’t changed. If you wanna know how he behaves, just read his image of himself.

Hillary Sucked, Admit It

It was never going to be Hillary. Americans were sick of the Democrats and Republicans and we wanted a non-establishment candidate. We didn’t want a Clinton/Bush dynasty. It was pretty obvious it was going to be either Bernie or Trump by looking at the Independent vote and the enthusiasm around both campaigns. Hillary was also the 2nd most unpopular candidate in the history of American polling. Only because Trump was #1, which I’m sure he appreciates. People hated her. It was never going to be Hillary and everyone in the world felt this except for the DNC, the media, and Hillary supporters.

In September 2015, prior to the 2016 primaries, and before people knew about Bernie, my Canadian friend laughed at me for saying Bernie would beat Hillary. He looked at me and said, “The Democrats would never let him win.” I owe him a steak dinner.

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Super delegates, lack of debates, purged voting records, gas lighting. Hillary’s 2008 campaign manager Debbie Washerman Schultz used her DNC chairmanship to nudge the election to her boss. Democrats called Bernie unelectable and marginalized his supporters. CNN’s Donna Brazile passed debate questions for the debate to Hillary’s campaign so she could have a head start. SuperPAC and dark money. Wall Street. A history of corruption and triangulation. The most vetted candidate in history.

All around the country we faced long lines at the polls during the Democratic primaries including closed locations and purged voter registrations in districts favoring Bernie. It’s something that’s expected from the Republicans, not the Democrats. I even went to court in New York to fight for my right to vote in the 2016 Democratic primary because they “lost my voter registration”. With closed primaries, closed registration, and incompetence, our government showed it is corrupt and antiquated and needs to be changed. Even in New York!

In summer 2016 I went to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, The Birthplace of our Nation. I was there when Bernie conceded the race to Hillary. He turned against his own supporters, while the whole stadium booed. People were yelling, “No Bernie, don’t let her win! Keep going.” People’s hopes, dreams, hard work, time, and average donations of $27 were all being destroyed. Bernie did the right thing, but the Democratic Party and Hillary’s campaign continued down the wrong way shutting out his supporters. It’s like they repping corporate interests instead of the interest of the American people. Then Democrats wonder why they don’t win. Baby. Look in the mirror.

Remember, I grew up “Democrat”, but they suuuuuccccck. I will not debate that the DNC was rigged and unfair and is controlled by monied interests. It’s why they’ve lost 1000s of seats in the last decade to a bunch of old, racist, xenophobic, sexist, I can go on and on, white men. Only 31% of state legislatures, congressional districts, and governor’s mansions are controlled by Democrats. The Democrats have no messaging, and to me it seems to be on purpose. Do you know what the Democrat’s message is outside of “Not Trump”? Anyone? Someone? Hola?

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Was Hillary overly hated by people? Definitely. Did the Republican Party go heavy on the propaganda? For sure, they’re fascists! However, MANY of us didn’t like her because of her own policies and the things she’s said herself, on video. Hillary had the entire party propping her up and Bernie still received 46% of the Democratic vote. She still managed to lose to Trump while complaining about the election being stolen. There’s a reason why she lost to Obama in 2008 too. The American people don’t want her.

Throughout the election Bernie supporters were marginalized and our voices silenced by the media. It was not okay.

They’re Under A Spell

If Hillary supporters were hard to convince, Trump supporters will never be convinced. He’s a drug to them, like nicotine or an opioid. Every time he’s an asshole their brain releases dopamine. It pleases them to see people who they don’t agree with in pain for the sake of winning. Trump represents their demented views about women, gays, Mexicans, Blacks, Muslims, Jews, or to be real, anyone that isn’t white, specifically male. If you’re not like that and you’re still part of the Republican Party you should probably reevaluate what you’re supporting.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

He has power over them. I can’t tell them that cause they won’t listen. I’ve tried. It’d be easier convincing a Catholic that priests are molesting children. Some people are either stupid or don’t care in general. There are images of lungs and dead babies on cigarette cartons to deter people from smoking but that doesn’t stop 40 million Americans from lighting up. 60 million people voted for Trump while ignoring all the cancer warnings on the side of the box. Meanwhile scientific knowledge that has given us everything, including this smart device, is ignored by the masses when it can solve all of our problems. It already has.

The biggest mistake us libtards make is that we think Trump supporters are toothless hicks from Alabama (or Missouri) and underestimate them. Yes many are from the south, but many are also “normal” people in large liberal areas. 36% of New York State voted for Trump. My friend’s parents are Puerto Ricans living in Florida. In 2016 they voted all Democrat, except for Trump. I have a friend in Chicago that is the sweetest person in the world. She congratulated me when my parents got their citizenship, but she is also a huge Trump supporter and only watches Fox News because everything else is fake. When I told her I think the Democratic Party is a failure and I’m worried Trump will be President again she pumped her fist in the air and said, “Go Trump!” Trump supporters don’t think they are racists, sexists, or fascists, because they feel they aren’t personally any of those things and you will not get them to stop smoking.

We’re trying to reason with people that don’t reason. We’re wasting our energy. You’re better off volunteering your time and becoming active in your community while locally spreading your values. Like your belief that most brown people in America are nice people, especially this guy named Sadiq Samani. He’s not only nice, but intelligent, and above average looking.

Trump supporters. Baby. Sweety. Honey. If everyone in the world thinks you’re a lying asshole that is endangering our way of life, it’s not us boo boo. It’s you.

They Won’t Impeach Him

Trump gives no fuck. Do you think he’d go quietly if he lost an election? Nah. He is the most powerful man on earth right now, with an entire American party in his pocket who is ready to lie, cheat, steal, and kill for him. He has opened the door for outward lying framed as truth and gotten away with it. He has opened the door for rampant corruption, bribery, voter hacking/suppression/manipulation, violence, and bullying and he has gotten away with it. Either you’re with him or you’re against him.

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The House and the Senate are controlled by Republicans and the Republicans are controlled by Trump. Even if Mueller has evidence implicating Trump, the Republican Party will try to protect him. It’ll tell lies and truths and mix them so hard that nothing is believable or unbelievable anymore. This is modern warfare. It’s not physical, it’s psychological. Rule by division and confusion utilizing a bombardment of disinformation through cyberspace. Propaganda has always been around, but it’s on a whole new level with the internet and neo-fascism. You don’t really know what’s happening because Trump is creating so much information that we’re getting exhausted.

If the Republicans retain or gain power the process will be expedited. The next steps are killing or silencing of dissidents and political opponents. Bullying will increase, more Trump supporters will get enabled, elections will be hacked and suppressed. GOP will also blame the blowback from their policies on the Democrats.

2 more years of damaging our system will allow Republicans to win through the electoral college and it’ll take massive turnouts to beat. I’m worried that even if the Republicans give the ball to the Democrats the Dems will find a way to fumble the ball at the 1 yard line. I wouldn’t be shocked if the Democrats ran another establishment candidate like Biden next time, or if we’re lucky, they’ll have Hillary run again. That’s why we the people must be resilient.

Q: Sadiq! What do we do?

A: Independents must take over the Democratic Party and use it to defeat the Republican Party

2018 Midterms
33 Senate seats, 435 House seats, and 1000s of Local & State seats

Gun violence can’t be prevented with thoughts and prayers and votes can’t be cast with positive vibes and memes on Instagram.

  1. Join the Democratic Party especially if you’re in a state with closed primaries like New York. Even if you’re Green or ex-Republican.
  2. Vote in the Primaries for the candidate you really want, whether they are conservative or liberal. Especially if they don’t take corporate money. These elections have low turnouts so you’ll actually have a say in the candidate.
  3. Vote in the General for the Democrat because the Green and Libertarian parties are way to small to make an impact on a national scale. Use the Democratic Party to run 3rd party like candidates or vote 3rd party in local elections where the candidate can actually win and help grow that party.

Unless if you’ve been in a coma since Trump became President, we all know by now that we have to VOTE. However, 39% of Americans are Independents because we hate both parties. In order to push the country forward Independents must lead and take over one of the parties to impose our will. It’s hopeless to change the Republican Party, but the Democratic Party is weak, has no central figure, and we can use the primaries AND the general elections to select the candidates we want to represent us nationally. This a new way of using politics to our advantage. Lifelong Democrats will vote for the party candidate in the General elections regardless of who is running so we must pick the candidate we want in the primaries. This is even more important in corrupt blue states like New York where it can take 6 months just to change your registration from Independent to Democrat!

We’re so focused on winning the Presidency, but the game is about taking over all the pieces on the board and then gaining enough support to crown a king. That’s what the Tea Party did during the Obama years when they took over the Republican Party. They nabbed smaller seats and worked their way up. Independents must do the same thing. I think you should join the Democratic Party too. I’m an Independent Democrat, but if you’re an ex-Republican, become a Republican Democrat. Green Party? Green Democrat. Retain your values and vote for candidates who represent you in the primaries and then vote Democrat in the General.

I think it’s completely possible to take over the Democratic Party because no one votes. In my district the progressive candidate lost by 3,000 votes in the Democratic primary. I live in New York and the population in the district is 708K people and only 37K voted. The incumbent won even though she voted for the Iraq war and is a neo-liberal Democrat.

You can’t just kill Trumpism, you have to destroy the entire hornet’s nest. Once the Democratic Party is taken over we can we would destroy the Republican Party. Then we can enact election reform, end Citizens United, and break the Democratic Party into multiple parties. That’s it. Easy peasy. This will take one decade. Meaning 10 years, 2 votes a year, equalling only 20 votes! It’s like going to the dentist. Go twice a year so your teeth won’t get fucked up.

I know it seems hard, but do you think I wanna be a political target posting what I think on the internet? Nah. I wanna be chillin’ on the couch smokin’ legalized weed and watching Netflix, but I can’t cause it’s illegal in New York. Really though, I have to do my duty to my country and warn you of great danger that lies ahead.

Americans used to aspire to fly to the moon, but we bomb brown people and border ourselves with walls. We still have some of the brightest people (and some of the dumbest). We are the beacon of democracy and the world is waiting for us to take the lead with our light. We must defeat the rise of fascism throughout the world by taking the trash out in America and focusing on American ingenuity. The past makes me skeptical, but I believe there’s good energy right now to win and it makes me positive and hopeful.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

We are always waiting for the hero. We cannot wait any longer. WE are the hero. I’m tired of Americans making the same mistakes over and over again. Will Americans strike back? We made Bush President again. Will Trump be President again?

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