Twelve Months, Twelve eXperiments

April 10, 2014 |
By Sadiq Samani

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I was raised in a somewhat closed minded community. An environment in which a unique hair style or a piercing was looked at as being rebellious. As I grew older I was exposed to viewpoints outside of my community, specifically through the portal known as the Internet. I started realizing how shut off I was from the real world and how my life was structured by a community’s ideals and not necessarily based on what I wanted for my life.

I was someone else, and it was a long treacherous process of finding myself. The biggest change I made was to be open minded. I was in my early twenties, and I wasn’t going to allow myself to be a closed off adult.

For example, I didn’t like seafood, mainly because my parents/community would cook fish with the bones still intact. It felt like they went spear fishing and then without filleting it, cooked it over an open flame. YUK! I hated it. But then a friend proposed to go try sushi. I was originally hesitant because of my preconception, but I was trying to be open minded, so I had it. I was in LOVE! I started eating sushi like everyday, which got expensive after a while, but I would still eat sushi everyday….if I could afford it….yummy yum yum!

A few minor steps like that gave me the courage to take a leap by trying alcohol. I called it the eXperiment, invited my friends out, drank from my chalice….and got wasted. I realized I didn’t care for alcohol and don’t drink, but I also learned about the substance. It started a tradition, every year I get drunk with my friends, and learn their stories.

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With that spirit in mind, I wanted to push myself for the next year. I don’t care for bucket lists, because I really do live and try things all the time. However, I do still want to push myself to continually be open. So every month I will be trying a new “eXperiment” to push the boundaries of my reality. Below I’m listing several things, but I will only be doing 12, one each month. I don’t have an idea of which one I’ll do when, but more of an outline of what I want to do. I’ll then choose an eXperiment every month based on my comfortability to face that feat. I may also add to this list over time to give it more versatility, but for now, this is what I have: 

  • Molly, LSD, Alcohol
    No need to tell me how unsafe this can be. Whether I take a drug from a doctor or a street drug, I research the effects, side effects, etc. I like control over my scientific studies, and prefer doing something like this in a safe place, in case a bad trip occurs. However, feel free to share your experiences and any fact based information. I really don’t want anyone to create a boogie monster out of this. Molly is a definite, but Acid will depend on my mental state. Hopefully I don’t pussy out. As for alcohol, I will continue the tradition as I have in the past, but this time it’ll take place in NYC.
  • Skateboard (Completed)
    I’ve ridden a bicycle, rollerblades (no, you’re gay), roller skates and ice skates (which I hate because they are always so narrow that it hurts my feet). The biggest question is Longboard vs. Shortboard?
  • EuroTrip (Completed)
    This is already in motion and will be the 1st eXperiment. Tickets are booked and I’ll be visiting London > Amsterdam > Prague/Venice > Berlin in May. I haven’t decided between Prague/Venice so that leg is still up in the air.
  • Costume
    Pretty self explanatory. I will be donning a costume and parading the streets.
  • Imaginary Friend
    I enjoy being with myself, but this time around I’ll be hanging with a figment of my imagination. Can’t wait to see people’s faces!
  • Blind/Hearing Impaired
    How does it feel not having one of your senses? I’ll be picking one of those and removing it to experience how I can live life without it. I’m leaning towards being blind. No, I won’t be gouging my eyes out from their sockets, I’ll simply be blindfolded.
  • Speed Dating
    Yes, I have a girlfriend. Yes, she knows of my madness. I’ve “dated” before and it’s always uncomfortable, but speed dating is a whole ‘nother ball game. This piece will be about going to two speed dating events. One, as my honest self. Someone who doesn’t want marriage, kids, etc. Then the second as someone that every woman dreams of. Someone who loves marriage, kids, and giving them a fairytale existence, which of course is a fictitious idea in our reality.
  • Burning Man
    An event everyone raves positively about. If you are going, let me know. I am interested in heading out there.
  • Religion/Church/Temple
    What really goes on with all the different religions? I may also be on the streets dressed like an evangelist trying to convert nonbelievers by using my megaphone and posters to tell people they’re going to hell.
  • Volunteering/Political Activism/Organization
    I donate money every year, and when I was younger I was in the Boy Scouts (can you believe it?) and I used to go help volunteer with my troop. However, that was long ago. So this will be an opportunity to help my community with my hands instead of just my wallet. #nohomo
  • Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
    This is a very difficult one. I do know a few contacts that are trying to get me in, but I don’t know if I’ll succeed. If it does happen, however, it will be off the hook!
  • Injured
    How will people react if I am on crutches or in a wheelchair? This will test human behavior. It’s similar to being blind, but this will be me actively seeking help.
  • Create a Song
    I’ve always wanted to produce my own track, so, why not? S to the A to the D I Q….soooonnnnn.
  • Long Hair
    I’ve already started on the path to this. The goal is to get it to Jesus length ‘cause I’ve never had hair longer than to the tip of my nose. It’ll probably be the final month’s write up.
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If you have any thoughts or feedback, feel free to post it in the comments. I’m a little nervous, yet very excited for this upcoming year.

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