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April 16, 2013 |

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“Put Molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it. I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.

I didn’t even know these lyrics existed until a few weeks ago when the internet blew up, virally distributing this content into the consciousness of many people that were connected. Apparently, over 51,000 signatures were signed onto a petition to Reebok demanding that the company retract Rick Ross’s contract and drop him from their franchise. That’s the voice of 0.00017% of the US population. There are more people at just a single Bears game, with a packed Soldier Field having a capacity of 61,000+.

The theory voiced by UltraViolet, the anti-sexism group behind the petition, was that Ross was promoting rape in his rap lyrics by declaring that he combined Molly, the purest form of MDMA/ecstasy, with a woman’s alcoholic beverage in order to induce a state in which he could take advantage of her without her realizing that he’s a big fat obese 3,000 pound gorilla. Most women probably couldn’t imagine fucking him sober without puking all over themselves while trying to ride his small penis after meticulously searching for it under all the inked blubber hanging below his waist line. Slimer from Ghostbusters would have more of a chance to get laid. At least he’s somewhat cute, even though slightly mischievous.

Many people were going absolutely looney as to why he, or any rapper for that matter, would hint such a thing in their lyrics. As if all their lives they were only exposed to music by Hannah Montana, Taylor Swift and One Direction.

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This went so viral that even my girlfriend, who is pop culture challenged, brought this up to me and addressed how it’s great that Reebok is dropping him for his aforementioned lyrics. Then I asked her, “Do you know what the lyrics of the song are or even heard it before?” Her response was along the lines of, “No not really, something about drugging a girl with Molly. It’s just a great thing that someone is raising awareness.” Even my usually well informed girlfriend didn’t know what the fuck she was fighting for. The morning after our conversation, I texted her that I was writing an article about U.O.E.N.O. Her response, “What’s U.O.E.N.O.?” So much for awareness.

Besides Reebok dropping Ross, Rocko, the lead artist of the track, dropped Ross’s verse from the song, and remixed in Wiz Khalifa’s lyrics in order to get radio airplay. UltraViolet could now walk with their heads held up high knowing that the song will eliminate promoting the drugging of women, while continuing to contain other artful lyrics discussing ballin’, owning guns, killing others with said guns, taking the person who you killed’s bitches, and fucking those bitches. Just like every other rap song, and they don’t even know it!

To think that Rick Ross is so harmed by the loss of Reebok is ludicrous. He’s still a multi-millionaire, with several albums that people will still purchase, and a record label with several artists still recording music and making him money. I feel this will have the opposite effect to his fame. Most people, like my girlfriend, didn’t even know him before. Now, we’ve made him an internet phenom, with more and more song plays for U.O.E.N.O as well. I replayed the song at least 20 times myself just to research for this article. Don’t worry though, I didn’t pay for the download. High five!

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The F.A.M.E. of Chris Brown is a classic demonstration of the reverse effects of such campaigns by advocacy groups. He made Rihanna look like an Iraqi land mine victim and two years later his next album still went gold, selling millions and landing him a number one spot on the US charts. Look at him now, he’s getting pappppperrr. He beat her so bad that she had a loss of memory and ended up getting engaged to him and recording a follow up song about how it’s “Nobody’s Business”.

There are many such examples, but it’s worthless to discuss when the American public is like a bipolar child who does the opposite of what we’re fighting for. Sometimes you have to look beyond petty shit like this so we can aim at bigger causes: educating and empowering women around the world to have more self-respect for themselves so that they won’t hang out with primitive men who would compromise their well being. Otherwise the purpose of punishing the assailant goes down the drain when the victim puts herself in that position, over and over again. #girlpower

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