The Religion Of Hillary

April 18, 2016 |
By Sadiq Samani

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If wealthy individuals or companies were giving politicians endless sums of money in any other country we would call it bribery. In America when politicians accept billions of dollars from millionaires and billionaires it’s called a SuperPAC…or…campaign finance…or…as some Hillary supporters have called it, “you can’t point to a vote that was influenced by her taking money.” Really? Really? I’m from the corrupt country of Pakistan, and baby, I gotta tell ya, the billions of dollars being accepted by politicians like Hillary is the American version of bribery. Any Hillary supporter that is accepting and defending this behavior is no different than Catholics that defend the church after systematic cover-ups of child molestation. The religion of Hillary has so deeply indoctrinated her supporters that their brains can’t apply critical thinking skills in defiance of their cult’s leader. Must. Vote. Hillary. ????

Most of her supporters are good people with good intentions that are defending bribery and dishonesty. What would she have to do, for her supporters to finally break out of this delusion? Stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody? Shit, it has gotten so ridiculous, that I’ve even had Hillary friends argue that significant sums of money is needed to win elections, so it is acceptable to them that she’s raising dirty money. Yet they fail to acknowledge that Bernie out-raised Hillary with 6 million individual donations averaging, wait for it, $27! It disproves their frame of thought, at least for this election cycle, but none of this matters because they are choosing Hillary regardless of the thousands of videos showing her shiftiness. Though, I guess, Goldwater had supporters that stood by him too.

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You could argue that Bernie’s fervent supporters are cultish, but he wasn’t known a year ago. He isn’t a “brand”, yet. There is no real loyalty to Bernie. We didn’t blindly follow him. We were all persuaded by his platform, his work, and his morals and ethics based on documented history. If Bernie started taking money from special interests, many of us would disappear faster than we appeared. At least I know I would. We all have known Bill and Hillary for decades though. Hence why we know from her history in public life, that she is at the very least dishonest and deceitful. Though, I think she is the poster child of this corrupt political system that must be destroyed.

We can debate the policies of the two candidates. We can discuss $12 vs. $15 minimum wage. Interventionist wars vs. diplomatic relations and humanitarianism. We can discuss Obamacare (sucks) vs. Single Payer. We can discuss how aggressive to be with Climate Change policies. We can discuss all the issues, but the one that overshadows everything else is the bribery of our political system and the complacency of Hillary’s supporters to continue the status quo.

So before you vote for Hillary, remember, regardless of the issues, she is first and foremost, BRIBED. She has created an illusion of being a protector of the universe, but just like mythological figures, she is a lie, a made up story. She is whatever you want her to be, while she does whatever she wants to do. She doesn’t answer to me, or you, she only answers to the endless sums of money that has propped up her illusive career. Remember that. Repeat it in your head when you are in the ballot box, because if you do choose Hillary, you are choosing to be on the wrong side of history. ✌️❤️

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