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November 17, 2016 |
By Sadiq Samani

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I haven’t been posting articles in the last several months. Though I’ve written pieces for many experiences that have happened in my life since July: traveling to Japan and South Korea, dating online AGAIN, extremism from the point of view of an ex-Muslim, crying for a homeless man, and the corrupt DNC convention. Unfortunately these articles are just sitting, dormant, inside of the writing software I use. It’s almost as full as Prince’s vault of music, minus Prince’s purple suit or talent.

Even if I had posted something in the last few months, my arguments would’ve gotten lost under all the vitriol of the elections. Plus, posting content also takes a considerable amount of time. I have to write and edit the piece, find the appropriate photo, post it on my site, check for errors, post it on Medium or HuffPo or another outlet. Then I have to share it through social media and monitor the analytics. Oh, and I have to be humorous in my writing too, which takes soooo much woooorrrrk. Making fun of situations like DNC corruption and poverty while also conveying a message involves trickery. Humans are sensitive creatures you see. I only have a few seconds to draw people in before a meme floats through their browser, stealing their attention. Fuckin’ Biden!

All this effort takes time away from working on my stand-up material or booking shows. I can do the writing, but I need help from someone who can post it all over the web. Like an intern or a robot. On the plus side, I’ve dedicated a lot of time on stand-up and writing new material, and I even did shows in Oslo and Stockholm. I finally feel like my words are breathing fire. Oh, and come see a show homie!

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What’s my point? There’s a lot of stuff coming through a brain dump soon. I know that I could be spending this time posting one of the aforementioned articles, but blah. You get to read how I’m doing instead, sucka. So, ????, love you, and stay tuned.

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