Excited To Make America Great Again

November 10, 2016 |
By Sadiq Samani

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Bernie Sanders received more 35 and under votes than both Hillary and Trump combined. Millennials are larger and more diverse than the Baby Boomers. California, the largest state in the union, just passed Marijuana legalization. OH SHIT!

Yesterday, the day after the 2016 Presidential elections, people were walking around New York City looking depressed. As if they were up all night, tossing and turning in their beds, nervous about a disease they contracted. Granted, people in New York generally have a resting bitch face, but this was different. New Yorkers, and liberals in other cities, were defeated and deflated, like an old shitty balloon that had lost all it’s helium a long time ago. Their bubble was fabricated and propped up by authorities they trusted: media, DNC, and HRC.

I’m probably the only person who’s #NeverTrump that woke up happy. Yesterday, was a brand new day (as is today, and so will tomorrow). I put on my Birdie Sanders t-shirt and Bernie Sanders pin and walked out the door ready to take on my world. I went to my dermatologist appointment to get a full body check. I wanted to do this before my Obamacare is crushed by President Orange. Good news! I don’t have cancer, and that small bump on the back of my neck was just a pesky cyst that I can now use as a stress ball.

Throughout the day I overheard a lot of political conversations, and had many of my own. Good news! People were in heated debates about the future of our country, uncertainty and all. We were discussing voting in every election, the electoral college, alternative voting, online voting with open source/blockchain software, getting money out of politics, changing the fundamentals, and using robots to create a sound Democracy. Finally, finally, finally we were concerned about the State of the Union after election day. It wasn’t just me and a few others decrying our inhumane, imperialistic empire.

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The pendulum has swung so far into crazy that it has broken the machine, and has put liberals into disarray. I hope they have woken up, or hope they will wake up, as the volcanic ash of denial and hatred clears.

I have more faith in Millennials now, than ever. We don’t watch mainstream propaganda (though we need to relax with that Facebook/Internet propaganda). We’re not brainwashed by or loyal to failed institutions that the previous generations propped up. 44% of Millennials are also non-white (only 28% of baby boomers are non-white). Gen Z, who were born after the Millennials, are 50% non-white! And once I’m done fucking a few racist white chicks there’ll be even less white people being born. My point is, most of the people turning 18 from this point forward is going to be a progressive, diverse, open minded Berniecrat.

It’ll get better…maybe not in the next four years, but it will. The Millennials would do very well by studying what the Baby Boomers succeeded and failed at, like the corruption of the DNC. Let’s not make the same mistakes (though we’re humans so mistakes will happen). The Baby Boomers would do very well by listening to what the Millennials want while passing the torch. We picked the candidate America needed, but he wasn’t the candidate the country, and the corrupt two-party system, deserved. Let Millennials lead the charge, instead of marginalizing us. Plus the youngest Baby Boomer is 52, so you show us how to vote (not who to vote for), and we’ll help energize your old ass, baby ????!

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What does it all mean? If we pay attention, stick together, and VOTE, we can swing that pendulum back to the future. HARD! I’m not talking about just Presidential elections. We have to be involved in races for Senators, Representatives, Councilmen, and others. Bottom up to the Presidency. Want to win the Electoral College? Well, we have to vote for liberal Governors who’ll redistrict in our favor, and make laws declaring non-partisan redistricting. Want the Senate or House to pass a law? We need to get those positions filled with liberals in 2018. We need new progressive faces in power, especially ones that don’t take filthy SuperPAC money.

In 2017 there are Governor and Mayoral races, including NYC mayor. The primary for NYC is Sep 12, 2017. In 2018 there are 435 seats up for the house, and 33 seats for Senators, including our boy Bernie Sanders. We not only need to show up in the general, but also in the primary to choose our horse! Plus, many of these races have such a low voter turn out, that we can win by a few hundred or few thousand votes. Register to vote (NOW!), promote, donate, campaign, make phone calls, join Our Revolution or Brand New Congress, and SHOW THE FUCK UP!

My inkling says a Trump presidency will push us to start coming out in droves, and I will do my best to keep reminding us. I’m a positive skeptic, but positive nonetheless. Then again, if things don’t pan out, I can always marry one of my friends in Scandinavia and GTFO.

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Lastly, why did I use a picture of a woman for this article? ‘Cause fuck Donald Trump…he’s the President and now we’re going to have to work with him on policies we may agree on (infrastructure, trade). While working to defeat anything we disagree with (the great wall, xenophobia, sexism, racism, etc.). Trump is also going to have to deal with our push for more women in elected offices. Read up on his 100 day plan, and get ready for the ride. Stop sitting online bashing each other. Play the game of Democracy and SHOW THE FUCK UP! We Can Do It!

Moving forward where is your head at? What’s your strategy? Add your thoughts in the comments.

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