Up The Bum: How I Put Ulcerative Colitis Into Remission

I was at a wedding and the wife of a friend approached me. She said that she had Ulcerative Colitis (UC) too. She told me that her husband read the article I wrote about having Ulcerative Colitis. It helped him empathize with what she was going through. (this article is going to be slightly graphic)

It’s difficult having UC or any type of disability. It doesn’t just take a toll on your mind and body, but it affects your relationships with others. During the hardest battles of my ongoing war with the disease my ex had to deal with my hospital visits, medication schedule, dietary restrictions, weight loss, and bowel movements. Every partner will get stressed if you’re using the bathroom 10 times a day. I had no ability to control myself; my body reacted as if my diet consisted of Taco Bell.

Weed And The Canadian Border Security

Last Wednesday I took a spontaneous road trip to Montreal. I needed a break from New York City exhaustion. I love road trips; I haven’t taken one in a while. Traveling through bumblefuck clears my mind and eliminates stress. Plus, the destination was Montreal. Oui oui 😍.

Usually my road trips are uneventful, but on this trip I had two run-ins with the authorities. Once in the US, the other in Canada. Yeah, I’m a thug, son 👯! The outcomes of both situations were paradoxical of the stereotypes.


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Location: Burlington, VT

I stopped over in Burlington, Vermont while driving back to New York City from Montreal. I wanted to see what Bernie Mecca looks and feels like.

Sadiq Samani at the park

Location: Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY

What do I think about the good parts of Islam?

Location: Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY

I'm not Muslim, but my mom hates that I don't practice Islam.

Location: Gotham Comedy Club, New York, NY

There are thousands of religions in the world, but how can we apply their beliefs practically?

Into The Depths Of My Colon

Going through a medical procedure is the worst. This is my third time doing a colonoscopy and it’s my fourth time going through a procedure like this, if you count me having an endoscopy. It’s routine, don’t worry, but it still sucks and is very stressful. I’m not looking forward to having an IV needle penetrated through my skin. Last time I almost fainted. I HATE NEEDLES!!!

Apr 20

After going several weeks without much sleep, trying to help Bern New York, I got a solid 8 hours last night (sleep is important people). Today I opened my eyes with the sun beaming outside and a smile on my face. Though it may seem that we lost last night, we actually WON!

New York is the most corrupt state in the union. Ever since I moved here a few years ago I have been talking about the systematic injustice in place, and not many people cared. I have been talking about New Yorkers being jaded. I actually wrote about some of this a year ago.

Location: New York, NY

We have to keep winning more states and go to the Democratic National Convention.

Location: New York, NY

My thoughts after the Bernie loss in New York.