Into The Depths Of My Colon

Going through a medical procedure is the worst. This is my third time doing a colonoscopy and it’s my fourth time going through a procedure like this, if you count me having an endoscopy. It’s routine, don’t worry, but it still sucks and is very stressful. I’m not looking forward to having an IV needle penetrated through my skin. Last time I almost fainted. I HATE NEEDLES!!!

Apr 20

After going several weeks without much sleep, trying to help Bern New York, I got a solid 8 hours last night (sleep is important people). Today I opened my eyes with the sun beaming outside and a smile on my face. Though it may seem that we lost last night, we actually WON!

New York is the most corrupt state in the union. Ever since I moved here a few years ago I have been talking about the systematic injustice in place, and not many people cared. I have been talking about New Yorkers being jaded. I actually wrote about some of this a year ago.


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The Religion Of Hillary

If wealthy individuals or companies were giving politicians endless sums of money in any other country we would call it bribery. In America when politicians accept billions of dollars from millionaires and billionaires it’s called a SuperPAC…or…campaign finance…or…as some Hillary supporters have called it, “you can’t point to a vote that was influenced by her taking money.” Really? Really? I’m from the corrupt country of Pakistan, and baby, I gotta tell ya, the billions of dollars being accepted by politicians like Hillary is the American version of bribery. Any Hillary supporter that is accepting and defending this behavior is no different than Catholics that defend the church after systematic cover-ups of child molestation. The religion of Hillary has so deeply indoctrinated her supporters that their brains can’t apply critical thinking skills in defiance of their cult’s leader. Must. Vote. Hillary. 🤖

Media Delegate Counts

Since the beginning of the Democratic primary Americans have been noticing the misleading delegate counts reported by the media. Mainly, superdelegates are being included in total counts creating a perception for their readers that Hillary Clinton is decimating Bernie Sanders, which is untrue. Even worse, some news outlets, like CBS News, aren’t mentioning that there is a separation between superdelegates and delegates. They are only showing the total for the combination of the two, without any fine print, making it seem like Hillary is close to winning the nomination. This narrative is completely inaccurate and misleading. Counting superdelegates is purely speculative because those votes won’t be cast until the Democratic National Convention which starts July 25th, three months from now. Until then superdelegates are allowed to change their “vote” any time they want. It’s like assuming a girl I matched with on Tinder has already fucked me.

Sadiq Samani at the park
If Bernie Can Win It Here, He Can Win It Anywhere

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Bernie is right. The road to the White House will be paved by a win in New York. While living in New York City for the last few years I’ve been told that when New Yorkers come together they can accomplish extraordinary feats. Well, now is our time. If we can win New York for Bernie, our efforts will light the fire on Lady Liberty’s torch, which we’ll use to Bern the entire nation 🔥 🔥 🔥! Though, to be honest, it won’t be easy.

Persuading Her To Vote For Us

I was speaking to a woman in Harlem who was a mix of Puerto Rican, black, and white. Since New York State (NYS) will be having our primary on April 19th I squeezed the subject of politics into our conversation. The closer we get to the election, the more forward I am about discussing politics with random people. Yes, I’m that asshole who brings up politics at the dinner table, at a party, or while I’m in the bathroom taking a deuce in the stall next to you. My thought is, if we can share the odor of our excretions with each other, we should be able to share our political views.

So anyway, I asked the Puerto Rican/black/white woman in the stall next to mine 😜 who she was voting for. She replied, “Hillary Clinton.” I asked her why. “‘cause she’s a female.” Being that I was in a minority neighborhood I wasn’t sure if she supported Hillary because she lacked information about Bernie and hence choosing Hillary based on brand recognition. Or if she was similar to some women voters downtown that knew all the information about both candidates, but still insisted on an anti-feminist view that having a woman President is the most important issue for American progress. I proceeded with caution.

Almost Disenfranchised

Today was a long day. I almost lost my vote. I had a feeling of disenfranchisement running through my entire body.

New York State (NYS) is a closed primary, which means you have to belong to a “party” in order to vote within that party. So if I want to vote for Bernie Sanders, I have to be registered as a Democrat, even though I’m independent.

Sounds simple. Except, in NYS, you have to change your party affiliation 25 days prior to the previous year’s (2015) general election in order to be eligible to vote in the Democratic primary in the current year (2016). For example, to vote as a Democrat in the NYS primary on April 19th, 2016 you had to have changed your party affiliation by October 9th, 2015. Dizzy yet? You better sit down.

We Need Women
Mar 07

I met a couple at a party. During our discussion, the girl tells me that she’s travelled through several parts of the world. That she is a strong person and she wants to provide for herself and her future family. That she wants equality for not only herself and other women, but for everyone. She said she was in the Norwegian military and apparently helps protect the King or Queen or whatever the fuck kind of royalty structure they have over in Norway. She was hot, well dressed, and very feminine. As an American she was amazing to me because the combination of her physical and mental traits are atypical in our society. I was in such disbelief at how strong and independent of a woman she was, that I kept eyeing her crotch, wondering if she had a dick tucked under there.

Broken Into Whole
Feb 03

My girlfriend of three years broke up with me in October of 2015. I’m heartbroken, but I still haven’t cried yet. I tried! I want to let it all out. I made a scrapbook on Pinterest, watched The Notebook, sniffed an old pair of panties that I stole from her house. Nothing!

Maybe it’s because I’m an adult now because when I was in high school I went bat shit crazy when my exes and I split. I would lay in bed crying until my tears eroded the materials of the mattress until a sinkhole formed, swallowing me into it’s depressive state. I would actively seek people who would sympathize and tell me that I’m great and that my ex didn’t deserve me.

Hillary Clinton Is Not Electable

Sounds stupid right? Why would one of the most well known female figures in politics be unelectable? She’s a woman. Her husband was previously POTUS. She has been a Senator and a Secretary of State. She gets millions from big donors to fund her juggernaut of a campaign. She has the support of the DNC as well as it’s chairwoman, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She’s bolstered by the mainstream media and they treat Hillary like she’s Michael Jordan running down the open court for a dunk. Slamma jamma.