Location: New York, NY

I've biked, rollerbladed and even went ice skating once, but have never tried skateboarding. My eXperiment for June took me on a journey to understand skate culture, learn about skateboards, purchase one and take a class to learn how to ride. Besides the ride itself, there was a bit of a surprise when I took the class as you'll see in the video.


Location: Chicago, IL

This is what you end up doing when you want to be silly by parodying a national trend known as the #IceBucketChallenge. Though, it's not a bad idea to donate to colon cancer research too!


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Location: London, England. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Berlin, Germany.

My first time doing a EuroTrip through London, Amsterdam and Berlin for the first month of the eXperiment. My feedback for all my travels, including Piccadilly Circus in London, to cycling in Amsterdam and the East Side Gallery in Berlin.

Location: Berlin, Germany

After partying in Berlin till 6am, my Swedish friends and I ran into two French girls, one of whom I proceeded to interview.
Sadiq Samani red jacket and circular sunglasses
reddit Shredded
Jun 11

Continued from the post Part 1: Russia Registers Jews, America Registers Muslims. Part 2: The Night in Jail.

It can be difficult discussing a topic as sensitive as this. It can put you in a vulnerable position, especially when sharing something that is very political in nature. On top of that, to do an AMA on reddit, is really exposing yourself.

Many Americans that I had told my story to didn’t even know this process occurred. Even my most educated friends had no clue. With such lack of information on the topic, I decided to write out my story for others, as well as do an AMA.

The Night in Jail
Jun 05

Continued from the post Russia Registers Jews, America Registers Muslims.

We were driven in the van for almost an hour, in our green jumpsuits, cuffed. We pulled up to a building whose details I don’t recall anymore, as it happened so fast. All I remember are emotions: scared, uncertain, anxious.

We were taken into a building with bright white lights hitting our eyes and blinding us due to it’s intensity. We were processed, patted down and escorted down a large hallway. My eyes still adjusting from the heavy fluorescent light. I could hear shouting, whistling and clanking as we approached a large cell with disgruntled, tattooed men, wearing orange jumpsuits, who were lined at the front howling and hooting at us, “Hey sweeeeeetheart <whistle>”. I pissed my pants because these were hard criminals. My mind kept repeating, “Please don’t let me get raped, please don’t let me get raped. Pllllllleaaaassseeeee.” I wasn’t prepared for this, but instead of the officer stopping, he kept walking and we passed by this area until we approached another cell where several inmates in green jumpsuits were just lounging around. They opened the gate and told us to go in.

Keep Our Internet Open Net Neutrality In Five Paragraphs

You currently pay $50+ per month for basic internet. You can connect to Google, Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, Wikipedia, Steam and SadiqSamani.com at the same speed across the board. None of these websites gets special treatment.

Comcast, Time Warner, and other broadband internet companies, that are listed at the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys every year, believe that they should be able to choose which websites would get faster speeds when delivering their content (news, shopping, music, movies, games) to you. This would mean that not only are you paying for your internet, but companies you want to interact with must pay more for better access to you, even though they also pay to connect to the internet already. That’s like allowing you to call Best Buy without any issue, but when you call their local competitor, B&H, you’d have to wait much longer to connect because B&H couldn’t pay the toll for faster service delivery as Best Buy did, even though both companies already paid for a phone line. Anyone that has dealt with Best Buy knows they suck emu balls, so a move like this would give providers the ability to charge for the same service twice while stifling competition.


Location: New York, NY

Improvising an interview with Supermodel Ashley Abboushi while moving a couch from a friend's place to my apartment.
Russia Registers Jews, America Registers Muslims

I had to go register with the US government post 9/11 along with 85K+ other Muslims.

We get up in arms about a story in Donetsk, Ukraine in which Jews are persecuted and are told to register themselves with their government. It must be Russia at the helm, we say. Those commies! Would it be surprising if it was them? Not at all. It's expected from such an intolerant beast. We were riled up by our government and media at the thought of it, even though we found out later that the pamphlets they received were fake.

Americans, we tell ourselves, hold our morals to the highest standards. We would never do that to a group of people. NEVER. No one should be subjected to such atrocities. Right? RIGHT?

I don't hate u just Islam and t Koran

I have a username on Twitter which is my first name (sadiq), but I don’t access it because my official handle for all social media is @sadiqsamani (feel free to follow). However, every several months I’ll get an e-mail from Twitter that someone tweeted at the unused account, which ends up being a robot spamming me or writing gibberish. I continue to keep that handle, even though I don’t use it, because why not? It’s not like I’m paying for it.

Yesterday, however, I did get an interesting tweet from someone that said, “T media have no right to protect only Muslims. Sorry to burst your pity bubble, I don't hate u just Islam and t Koran”. I chuckled so hard. I love the little nuggets that drop into my life through the internet.